Affordable Wedding Planners Insurance

We love to help home-based wedding planners!

At Colorado Insurance Professionals, our agents are experts at insuring Wedding Planners for the lowest prices available in Colorado, we have yet to find anyone who can beat our coverage and pricing. Many of the policies we offer are under $200.00 per year!

If you struggle with showing proof of insurance to your client’s venues or worry about your liability if someone gets hurt, you need to speak with one of our agents today. We can help you find General Liability Insurance for your home-based Wedding Planning company, Professional Liability coverage, and even property coverage to safeguard your equipment.

Wedding Planner Insurance Quote

You get the following with USLI’s Wedding Planners insurance policy:

  1. Coverage for liability at home and away from home, this satisfies the need you have to sometimes prove coverage to venues. This covers you for bodily injury and property damage you might be liable for or cause.
  2. Coverage for up to $25,000 if someone claims you owe them due to a perceived error on your part as a result of your services. Errors & Omissions coverage also helps protect your business when someone demands compensation due to dissatisfaction with an event.
  3. Property and Equipment you may own. Coverage is available up to $100,000.
  4. Access to USLI’s business resource center for discounts, HR advice, and more!

To qualify your business can have:

  1. Up to three employees
  2. Up to 500,000 in gross sales
  3. Be a corporation, LLC or individual.
  4. Need to add an additional insured franchise or lessor of equipment.

Call us at 303-755-8600, we are standing by to help. Or purchase your policy online today.