Security Consultant Liability

As a Security Consultant, businesses rely on your expertise.

As a Security Consultant you may be inspecting buildings and businesses to harden them from intrusion, analyzing business practices to help avoid fraud, or recommending procedures for background checks. Whatever it is, businesses rely on your expertise. At Colorado Insurance Professionals, we have 30 years of knowledge and experience in helping you understand and best protect your business liability. We make sure you understand the risk you face and help manage the cost for transferring or retaining that risk.

Policies to make a bad day more tolerable.

Today, businesses understand the absolute necessity for insurance covering injury done to others. If someone is hurt, your greatest risk may be the financial injury a client may claim if they follow your recommendations and then have a bad day. What’s worse is that without having done anything wrong, you could be faced with huge legal fees just because a client’s attorney thinks you have.

Types of Security Consultants we can help:

  • Physical Inspection and Intrusion
  • Fiscal/Embezzlement
  • Employee Safety
  • Human Resources Reporting
  • Writing Bid Specifications
  • Training Others in the Security Industry
  • Alarm Installation and Monitoring
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Homeland Security Compliance
  • Privacy and Cyber Liability Assessments

Our agents understand the mazes of risk inherent to the Security Consultant Industry. Whether you are concerned about protecting your business and personal assets or have just received the requirements to provide Professional Liability coverage as part of your contract, our agents can help find the coverage you need to protect your business.

Years of experience in the Professional Liability and Security industry have helped us to understand your unique needs, call or email us today at 303-755-8600 and speak with one of our experts.


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