Security Company Insurance For Armed & Unarmed Guards And Liability

Insurance for a Security Guard Company, Both for Armed & Unarmed & liability

Security guard insurance programs for unarmed and armed guards are unique liability packages that must match the job you do. If you are armed, you’ll need a different policy than if you are unarmed.

We offer security guard insurance programs for both armed security guards and unarmed security guards. We understand the special security guard liability insurance that you need for your particular company and specialized security guard duties. We can save you time and money by working with you to pick the best and most affordable program for your Security Company.

We also work with private investigator’s insurance. It is a specialized market, and we can deliver what you need.

The best way to get a full understanding of your needs is to give us a call and go through what your company does. In this manner, we can put the best security insurance program together for your security guard company, and save you money.

Call Stephen Brunston at 303-755-8600 for your personal consultation on insurance for security companies.

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