Competitive Rates on Renters Insurance

Protect Yourself With A Renters Insurance Policy

Renters often ask, “Why should I have renters insurance? I don’t own the place, and the landlord is responsible, right?” If you rent your home, insurance needs can be confusing.

Let the renters insurance experts help you sift through the confusion. Call Colorado Insurance at 303-755-8600 to find out how affordable renters insurance can be and why you can’t go without it.Apartment building

If disaster strikes your rented property, the building itself would be covered by the landlord’s policy. Your personal property inside the building is not covered by the landlord’s policy. This is where renters insurance comes into play. Our renters insurance experts will help you protect what’s important to you within your home.

Renters Insurance protects what’s inside your rented home, but it also also covers liability protection. Should you accidentally start a fire in your unit, damage to the unit and others within the building would be covered.

Suppose your apartment complex were to catch fire, and your valuables were destroyed. Suppose the fire started in the unit next to yours. Would your valuables inside the home be protected? Now imagine losing your favorite bike, guitar, painting or couch and not having coverage.

In many cases today, landlords will require renters insurance. If that is the case, contact your renters insurance experts to request a free quote today.

Renters insurance is often more affordable than you’d think.