Residential Rental Properties

As an investor in single family homes are you tired of calling an insurance company and not getting what you want?

As investors in single-family homes, condos, and townhomes, the agents at Colorado Insurance Professionals understand that you want great service, low cost, and then when you need it, your claims paid. Our experts have a unique depth of experience in residential real estate investment and understand the three main areas of concern for investors in residential rental properties.

Responsiveness:  You need once and done service for quoting, billing, and mortgage company compliance. You will benefit from a trustworthy and reliable agent who understands your business and the insurance required to fit those needs. We will find the facts you need, allowing you to make choices to balance cost against coverage. Even if you have several different insurance companies, an independent agent can help manage your insurance portfolio, all with just one point of contact

Low cost: We represent 8 different companies that write this type of coverage, including several that list bill, combining all your policies on one form. The result is you get a lower cost along with a quick one stop reference. We can also compare the market for you, just ask us for a market update in Insurance for Residential Real Estate in Colorado.

Balance: We can help balance that low cost against that catastrophic loss.  We understand you don’t need us when you have to replace a Fawcett, but when that sinks overflows and you need extensive drywall work, you need a policy that will respond. Our experts want to help you understand what you are buying, so you don’t save money at the risk of a large uncovered loss.

Call us today at 303-755-8600 and let one of our agents help with all of your Residential Real Estate Investment needs.