Private Investigators

Protect Yourself and Your Business

As a Private Investigator, there are a myriad of complications inherently built into the profession. The Professional Liability and Wrongful Act claims can be extensive. At Colorado Insurance Professionals, we make it our business to know the in’s and out’s of yours.

Private Investigation Agencies eligible under our plans include:

  • Agencies with a maximum of 25 investigators (full or part-time)
  • Agencies not performing high hazard work, such as, but not limited to: Polygraph work, Process serving, Collections, Repossessions, and Child Custody

Agencies performing background screening, armed/unarmed security, executive protection, and security consultation can be included at a higher rate.

Risks facing Private Investigators

Recently an investigation agency hired by an insurance company to confirm a claimant’s disability was sued for “bad faith” after it was determined their surveillance had been conducted on the wrong person and then later sued again by the insurance company for investigative malpractice.

Another case involved an investigative agency that was hired by a Workers Compensation insurer to investigate a very suspicious claim. After a lengthy and expensive investigation it was concluded that the claimant was indeed injured on the job. The insurance company’s own SIU Division then conducted their own investigation and was able to clearly prove that the claimant was not injured on the job. The insurance company sued the investigative agency for an unprofessional investigation.

Our coverages include:

  • General and Professional Liability including financial loss
  • Personal Injury including false arrest, unlawful detention/prosecution, libel/slander, and invasion of privacy
  • Vicarious Liability for intentional/criminal acts
  • Contractual Liability, Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, Primary/Non-Contributory Wording

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