Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance & Auto Insurance

Do you like hearing a sales pitch? Neither do we.

So let’s focus instead on what it takes to protect you—and all your stuff. After all, it’s your well being that’s really most important to both of us.

Yes, I know. That’s just what you’d expect to hear from an insurance agent. Except, we actually mean it. And you’ll find out it’s true as soon as we start talking.

One advantage of being an independent agent is that we can draw from a wide range of the very best underwriters, and recommend a protection plan tailored specifically to meet your own very personal needs. With one call to us, you can cover your home, your cars, your motorcycle, your boat … all your important property, all your precious possessions.

Even better, because we compare prices on your behalf, you’ll not only save time, it’s almost certain you’ll also save a bundle.

Are you ready to be fully protected and save some money on your personal insurance? Let’s talk. Just give me a call. Or use the link and shoot me a quick e-mail with your name and phone number. We’ll respond to your e-mail within 24 hours. I promise.

Mary Beth Brunston, Agency Co-founder
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