Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

Insuring your organization correctly, so you can get back to the mission

Nonprofit Organizations serving our communities need a partner they can trust to help build the right policy for their insurance needs. Colorado Insurance Professionals has been active in our community for years & our agents recognize that the budgeting challenges facing nonprofits are different than in the for-profit sector.

Our agents help nonprofits build policies that provide:

  • Coverage for your board member’s actions, which helps attract higher quality board members.
  • Defense coverage for improper use of funds, failure to fulfill the stated mission, and improper conduct of employees or volunteers.
  • Coverage for fundraising events & offsite activities.
  • Coverage for employment related decisions.

With package policies built for the nonprofit sector, our agents can help you streamline your costs & decision making by bringing your coverage from General Liability to Professional liability to Property, all onto one policy. Contact us today at 303-755-8600 or let one of our experts reach out to you!

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