Management Liability Insurance

Many business owners don’t realize they can insure some of their or their partner’s business decisions.

Directors & Officers: D&O coverage is available for a wide range of management & board activities. If you share ownership in a business with another person or group, you can’t afford not to have D&O coverage. D&O coverage helps protect your business from management errors, failures & oversights. Imagine a dispute between owners and how devastating that might be for your company. For a relatively small amount annually, you can shift a significant level of risk away from your balance sheet and to an insurance company. If you serve on a start up advisory board, are a minority investor or an employee who has worked your way up to partial ownership – you need to protect yourself and the business with a D&O policy.

Employment Practices: EPL coverage helps protect & defend you in the event a disgruntled former employee files an EEOC or a wrongful termination claim. Human Resources & compliance is one of the many hats business owners must wear. With an EPL policy, you receive access to helplines & expert consultation to help you deal with problem employee situations. Many of our carriers also offer low cost background checks, help building employee manuals & sample policies, among other services.

Data Security: When large companies have a data breach it makes the news. The pundits and experts all have something to say, but so far the companies are sticking around. When small to medium sizes businesses experience a data breach, it doesn’t make the evening news and 60% go out of business within the next 18-24 months. Data Security and Privacy Insurance helps pay for notification & credit monitoring for effected individuals. Some policies also cover PR costs for your company & will also pay for regulatory fines as a result of the breach.

Copyright infringement: Copyright owners are increasingly pursuing infringement online. If you have a website or an active social media presence for your company, you may come under the scrutiny of copyright owners looking for royalty fees.

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