Liquor Liability

Protecting Your Business

At Colorado Insurance Professionals, our agents understand that Liquor Liability is an insurance coverage specifically designed to protect those who sell or serve alcoholic beverages to the public. It responds to suits filed by injured persons or their families when those injuries were caused by an inebriated person, usually the driver of a car.

The inebriated person or the plaintiff’s attorney usually blames the business that served them the alcohol. Liquor Liability insurance carriers defend their insured and settle these claims.


  • Liquor Liability Insurance (LLI) is usually offered to businesses that sell or serve liquor as part of their Business Liability package.
  • Though LLI is usually offered by the same carrier, it is separate from Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance and has its own premium limits.
  • When the CGL carrier does not offer LLI, it can be purchased separately from specialty carriers. This is often the case when the portion of annual business receipts arising from liquor sales exceeds 50% of total gross receipts (i.e. taverns, sports bars, nightclubs, billiards halls, bowling alleys, etc.)
  • Other businesses that typically carry LLI include most restaurants, liquor stores, convenience stores, grocers, caterers, event centers, and several others.

The agents at Colorado Insurance Professionals have access to specialty carriers that offer LLI. It can be placed in a package policy or on a ‘stand-alone’ basis. If your business falls into any of situations above, call or email us at 303.755.8600.