Liability Insurance for Different Industry’s

Commercial General Liability across different industries.

The insurance industry uses the same policy forms to address a broad cross section of industries with the same documents (policy forms).  Insurance companies that specialize in particular industries then modify the basic contract to address the particular needs of that industry using forms that are both generic and tested across several states and unique manuscripted endorsements that grant or deny coverage for particular situations as warranted.   Sometimes the limiting of coverage in specific situations allows an insurance company to accept a policy they would not otherwise be able to write.  Other times the endorsements grant coverage that a business needs to have coverage to accept the risk of being in business.

For instance security guards have a special relationship with their clients in providing security.  Without special endorsements to address the specific risk, companies that provide security might not be able to perform their jobs.  One insurance carrier we recommend to security companies has special endorsements to provide up to $10,000,000 coverage for employee dishonesty, covering the company if their guards do something less than honest which results in a loss to their client.    In this case there is simply no comparison to be made with companies that sell an unendorsed policy that does not grant this coverage.

The same is true for many industries:

Security Industry

Carters and Food Trucks

Medical Offices

Architects and Engineers

Construction companies in several trades

Businesses that engage in the liquor industry

Information Technology Consultants and Business

Marketing Consultants