Insurance For Office Buildings

Significant Savings on Insurance for Office Buildings

Owners of office buildings throughout the Denver metro area have been able to dramatically cut their operating costs thanks to the experts at Colorado Insurance Professionals. Our agents were able to find significant savings on their property insurance premiums by matching their properties with the right insurance companies, lowering premiums by as much as 47%.

Save as much as possible, as soon as possible

When a small professional office building in Aurora made the move to Colorado Insurance Professionals, they saved $913. They were paying a $1,910 premium, but their new policy provided by our agents cut that to $997. These owners enjoyed a whoppping 47.8% in cost savings!

A professional office building on south Havana, with a bank branch on the first floor, saved $6,559 in the first year alone. The premium on their previous policy was $16,028. Their new policy through Colorado Insurance Professionals came with a premium of only $9,469. That’s a 40.9% savings!

A professional office plaza in Ft. Lupton saved almost 30% by switching their property insurance. Their previous premium was $1,930. Their new policy through Colorado Insurance Professionals was only $1,358. That’s a savings of $572.

Today is the perfect time to contact the experts at Colorado Insurance Professionals and find out how much you can cut the insurance costs on your property. Please contact us today to enjoy the savings our agents can provide on insurance for office buildings.

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