Insurance For Neighborhood HOAs

Expertise that saves you time and money.

Neighborhood HOA’s throughout the area are now getting the right protection and savings on their premiums, because Colorado Insurance Professionals has the expertise to understand the risks these associations need to address as well as the flexibility to match their properties with the right insurance company.

Enjoy the benefits provided by our agents.

An HOA south of Canon City cut costs by about $1,170. This 18-member association has responsibility for the improved roads in a subdivision of single-family homes on 35-acre lots. Their general liability and coverage for directors and officers was costing them almost $1,700 per year. Colorado Insurance Professionals moved the homeowners to a carrier with better claims service and brought the annual premium down to $528. That’s a saving of at least 68%.

A 12-unit association had dangerously inadequate coverage. The association officers for this small project in Grand Lake mistakenly believed their insurance included coverage for their directors and officers. Colorado Insurance Professionals put together a new package for this dangerously at-risk association, adding $1 million of D & O coverage at the same cost as their old, grossly inadequate coverage.

Today’s the day to find out how much you can cut the insurance costs on your property. Please contact us today and one of our agents will help you save as much as possible, as soon as possible.

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