Insurance for Fine Arts

Get the right coverage to protect your investment.

Fully protecting your investment in fine art items requires special insurance coverage.

Standard insurance policies treat your paintings, your pieces of sculpture, and your other fine art pieces as if they were ordinary household contents. You get no coverage for dropping, breakage, or any other type of accidental damage you, yourself, might do to the item.

That’s why you need to include a schedule of your art works in your insurance policy. You’ll also want to consider setting lower deductibles on the insurance coverage for your scheduled fine art pieces, and adding coverage for breakage.

Here are a few things you should do to be sure your fine arts are covered by the right insurance protection at the right price:

  • Have your fine art pieces appraised by a professional appraiser or fine art dealer.
  • Compare insurance coverage and rates among insurance companies that are knowledgeable of and experienced in the art world.
  • Include all your pieces of art that are on loan or consignment at another location.
  • Carry “public liability” insurance coverage whenever a piece from your art collection goes out in a public exhibition.

The independent agents at Colorado Insurance Professionals have the knowledge and experience you’ll need to get the best insurance protection for your fine art pieces—at the best available price.
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