Insurance For Condominium HOAs

Condominium Homeowners Associations throughout the Denver metro area are bringing real savings to their members by getting the right insurance coverage for their properties. Colorado Insurance Professionals not only helped them reduce their insurance premiums, but also made sure they have the adequate coverage to protect them from risk.

Check out these dramatic examples

A 214-unit association in north metro Denver cut costs by 67%! Under the old policy, the condo association paid a $58,000 premium in 2008. The next year, the insurance package provided by Colorado Insurance Professionals cost only $19,100, and the coverage includes all-risk property, general liability, directors-and-officers, and employee dishonesty.

A 12-unit association had dangerously inadequate coverage.The association officers for this small project in Grand Lake believed their insurance included coverage for their directors and officers. It didn’t. The new package Colorado Insurance Professionals put together for this dangerously at-risk association added $1 million of D & O coverage, but cost the same as their old, grossly inadequate coverage.

Now’s the time to find out how much you can cut the insurance costs on your property. Please contact us today, so you’ll save as much as possible, as soon as possible.

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