Home Based Businesses need insurance coverage.

Home Based Businesses: Check out this insurance, a real need. 

Home Based Businesses need insurance coverage for a variety of reasons.

Small home businesses take the same risk as if they opened a retail location or office.   Many owners I talk to minimize what they face by saying: “I just work out of my house.”  Unfortunately, that makes no difference if the unthinkable happens and someone gets hurt or your business is shut down when all your tools are stolen.   Fortunately, there is a solution that very few insurance people will tell you about.  USLI Insurance has introduced a product that will cover your home business if you qualify, even while you are away from your home for as little as $ 182.00 per year in Colorado.  Only select agents are marketing this product.

Most homeowners insurance companies will not cover your home business.  Even if they find it acceptable for you work out of your home (many will cancel your coverage if you tell them), they offer limited coverage: perhaps  $ 5,000 of business property,  no liability, and certainly no loss of income or professional liability coverage.

Our home business policy can cover you for $ 1,000,000 General liability,  $ 25,000 worth of All-Risk property coverage, Property Coverage Away from your home (trade shows etc), Loss of Income due to fire or other covered loss, and in some cases, $ 25,000 of Professional Liability for errors.  This package cannot be beat for Business Consultants, Merchandising Agents, Craft persons, Artists and Art Restorers, the list goes on!  Last week we wrote a home baker who makes popcorn balls at home, then sells them at Farmers Markets!  The problem was solved for them when we placed the required $ 1,000,000 General Liability needed for them to rent at a fair.

In addition, this protected the homeowners policy so they did not get cancelled by their home insurance company.  A call to find out more information is as close as 303-755-8600 it never hurts to talk.  One home business we had was paying over $ 2,000 a year just for liability, we sure lowered their cost.

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