Home Based Business Insurance

Exciting News for Home Based Business Insurance! 

Colorado Insurance Professionals are excited to announce we have partnered with USLI insurance and others to bring comprehensive and inexpensive Home Based Business Insurance to Colorado. What does this mean for you? It means our experts can now make it even easier to save you more time and money. Each of our agents has a unique depth of knowledge and experience which allows us to identify the most important questions, so you have all the right answers. Call us for your small business insurance needs.


Home Based Businesses include some of the following types of small businesses:

Many people can become frustrated when investigating home business coverage for liability and property. Often times, agents will not take the necessary time to provide clear explanations for their clients. In order to be eligible, businesses must operate out of the home and have up to one employee, $500,000 or less in gross revenue, and no more than two losses in the past three years or one loss with less than $25,000 paid.

Whatever your Home Based Business Insurance needs may be, Colorado Insurance Professionals can help you find the answers. Contact us today and talk to our Home Based Business Insurance experts: 303-755-8600, send us an email