Have a Happy Holiday Season

It is the holiday season.  It is time to pause and say thank you to all our customers.  We also want to say how proud we are of our community in Aurora.

We believe in giving back to the community in a variety of ways.  We belong to several service organizations in Aurora and offer our time and other items as needed.  We believe strongly that a makeup of a community is as strong as the time and effort people put back into their community.

Given our troubled year this 2012, we even believe stronger in the concept of giving back to the community.  We all have to work together to help our youth, to help people less fortunate than us.  At Colorado Insurance Professionals, we belong to organizations that do just that.  They give gifts to kids for Christmas, who will probably get none, without the donation.  We give to shelter organizations that help people who are in need of a roof over their heads if there is a major crisis.

We believe all this activity gives back to the community.  We are also hopeful for a more peaceful 2013.

We want to take this moment to wish you all a Happy Holiday.  We hope you enjoy your family and friends and have a great holiday season.

From the folks at Colorado Insurance Professionals, Inc.

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