At Home Food Product Insurance

Get moving with confidence on your home food product business quickly and easily:
The Colorado Cottage Food Act allows you to profitably start your business!

Have you been wondering about insurance for selling your baked goods or food items that you prepare at home? What happens if somebody get’s ill? Do you need to prove coverage so you can register for a show?

We can help you breath easy whether you need the coverage for peace of mind or to register for a show. You home policy will not cover you for liability if you are making a profit selling your food products.

At Colorado Insurance Professionals, our agents have a package of insurance designed for the Chef or Baker that makes their food at home and sells at farmers markets or fairs. We can take care of the requirements for proof of General Liability Insurance that is required by some venues, cost for this certificate is automatically included. For a surprisingly small price, often less than $ 245.00 per year, you can have a broad insurance policy that covers you and your business for General Liability, including Property Damage, Bodily Injury and Product Liability.

Home based food businesses can opt for the following package:

  1. Coverage for liability at home and away from home, this satisfies the need you have to prove coverage to fairs, shows, or customers. General Liability Insurance covers you for bodily injury and property damage you might cause, including food borne illness. Many venues will ask for $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate limits.
  2. Property and Equipment you may own. Coverage up to $100,000 at your home and $15,000 away from your home if you select this option.
  3. Access to USLI’s business resource center for discounts, HR advice, and more!

Your business can have:

  1. Up to three employees
  2. Up to $500,000 in gross sales per year
  3. Be a corporation, LLC or individual.
  4. Need to add an additional insured for a franchiser or lessor of equipment.

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