Event Insurance

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You’ve spent months planning your ceremony, wedding, party or special-occasion event. The stage is set, and everyone has made it into town. So why are you stressed?

Are you worried a tornado may topple your tent? Your caterer may not show? The band’s bus broke down out-of-state?

The stresses of hosting an event can be great and there is certainly a lot of risk associated with event planning. The bottom line? Things can and will go wrong at many events.

Rest easy with event insurance (also commonly known as wedding insurance), which can cover such things as liquor liability coverage, caterer’s insurance, wedding insurance, private event insurance, etc. Secure an event insurance or wedding insurance plan through Colorado Insurance Professionals in Aurora, Colorado, and you would be covered in the case of following mishaps or situations:

– Cancellation/Postponement of the event
– Special attire: receive repair
– Lost deposits
– Special jewelry
– Severe weather
– Transportation shutdown
– Ruined photos/video
– Call to duty
– Damaged gifts
– Sudden illness
– Venue requires insurance
– Liquor liability
– Additional Expense

Most of our companies offer event insurance or wedding insurance, with only a bit of information we can get your covered today!

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