Cottage Food Act Amendment Passes in Colorado

Check out the Colorado Cottage Food Act

Colorado has been liberalizing food preparation laws for some time.  They started in 2012 and this year they increased the amount you can earn to $ 10,000 per year. Only certain foods are allowed, for instance Beef Jerky is a non-starter but Brownies and Cookies are a go!  Anyone doing this must take a Food Handlers course and this can be done online for about $ 15.00 at State Food Safety.  If you want to go in person to a class check out: CSU Extension’s Food Safety Works.

You must meet certain requirement on your label and cannot sell except at Events, Fairs and Farmers Markets.  Check out this link for definitive information:

Requirements and Limitations for Cottage Food Sales

And don’t forget insurance!  When you begin to charge for your food products you are no longer covered for liability if you hurt someone.  We have a company that has a really good, competitive product that will help you breathe easy if you choose to try this out.  IT covers General Liability including food poisoning at both your home and at a fair.  Even if people trip and fall in your booth, you get coverage if they hold you accountable.  And it’s cheap!  Less than $ 200.00 per year in some cases, we can even provide proof of insurance for the event organizers.  Check out our page at:  Colorado Food Products Insurance.

Happy Baking!  We are always open to test your products here at the office, come by anytime.

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