Covering your things, from your shoes to your favorite musical instrument

It is important to think about what you have that might be a bit out of the ordinary.  Do you have a particular collection of china, expensive sporting equipment, special jewelry or really fun toys… like a boat or a large set of power tools? There are internal limits on specific categories; the most common are:

There are other categories that are only covered for certain types of losses (this is called ‘named perils’ coverage). For example:

This can be a problem if your dog eats your hearing aid… it is not going to be covered in a basic policy because ‘eaten by dog’ is not a covered peril. Or your grandson knocking a statue over is not going to be covered because ‘breakage’ is not listed as a covered peril in a standard policy.

There are ways to provide more coverage for these items and increase the number of covered perils. Make sure to talk to our agents about things that might be out of the ordinary so that if something does go wrong – we have helped you to have covered all the bases up front. By discussing these things at the beginning of your policy, you will be able to discuss the benefits or risks of paying, or not paying, for extra coverage for your things. You’ll need to look at your own personal situation and make a decision to cover or not cover these extra items.