Condominium Insurance and Townhome Insurance

How much do you really know about your coverage?

Do you know your amount of dwelling coverage? Does your association cover your dwelling from the studs in or from the unpainted drywall in? Do you understand your condo policy for Loss Assessment for Property or Loss Assessment for Liability? Are you covered for hail damage?

As Condominium and Townhome owners, knowledgeably shopping for and purchasing insurance requires much more diligence than a simple home insurance policy. You have all the needs of a home insurance policy and more. Each property and community association is different and you need someone who understands that and knows how to research your individual needs. There are very specific issues related to Townhome and Condo owners insurance and you don’t want to pay too much or be underinsured.

Our trained experts at Colorado Insurance Professionals do all the research for you and present you with easily understood options. We want to help you make informed decisions about your costs and coverages that might be very important to you in the future. And because our agents are independent, we are not limited to one company. We are able to shop the market and compare coverages and costs so that you end up with the policy that is right for you, not the policy that is right for the insurance company.

Call us today at 303-755-8600 and one of our experts can help research your needs and find a policy with the coverage that is right for you.