Caterer’s Insurance

Caterer’s Insurance

Discover how to lower costs and reduce the risk on your Caterer’s Insurance initiatives.

We have carved out a niche market with Catering Insurance, Event Insurance, and Wedding Insurance. With years of experience dedicated to insuring the Catering Business, it is undoubtedly one of our specialties. This experience has taught us that Caterers have many special needs, and they must be aware of special coverage like: Liquor Liability, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Vehicle Coverage. Plus, we’ll be there to help you, should a problematic claim arise.

Liquor Liability: Because we understand what a problem liquor liability can present for a caterer, we’ve tracked down an insurance plan that builds in the coverage you need at an affordable rate. Our agents will conduct a careful review to assess the presence of liquor in your catering operation and determine the level of liquor liability coverage that is most appropriate and most affordable for your business.

Workers Compensation: The key to keeping costs under control when an employee is injured, is an effective safety program. Having won multiple workplace safety awards, we know how to develop and help implement a comprehensive program that will keep your workers compensation costs down, and keep your workers free from injuries as much as possible.

Vehicle Fleet Coverage: After determining the proper level of coverage needed to protect your fleet of vehicles; we shop around to find the insurance carrier that will provide the best price and service.

With Security First Insurance Agency, you’ll get the peace of mind you need while keeping costs firmly under control by combining the best Caterer’s Insurance plans with proven, effective safety training programs.

Call or email us today at 303.755.8600 and one of our agents can provide the assistance you need in putting together a package that is right for your business. We also offer a Quick Quote Form that can help in your insurance buying process.