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If Fire Or Flood, You Have 30 Minutes. What Do You Take? What Are Important Papers?

With the wildfires in Colorado creating the need for emergency evacuations, the phrase  “take your important papers and medicines” is becoming more personal and prevalent.  We know time is of the essence and tracking down items can be difficult.  In addition, space is extremely limited.  Perhaps you have already planned ahead for an unfortunate and tragic event and have a place for the things that are important to you.  If not, consider this a beginning to an Emergency Evacuation List.

Start with the obvious:  People and animals.  Make sure you are safe and able first and foremost, then grab your loved ones and make sure you can get out.

Call friends and family to make them aware of the situation.  If they are local, perhaps arrangements can be made to stay with them.

In today’s world, medicine is a necessity for many.  It is recommended to take, at minimum, three days’ worth… WRONG!.  Take all of them!!  Don’t fool around if you need it, have it with you.  It could be longer than 3 days, you just do not know.

Irreplaceable or prized, necessary items come in to place here.  Please understand, take only items you deem extremely valuable!

These are suggestions we passed around the office here:

Computer:  In the digital age, pictures, finances and half of our lives are kept on our computers… along with backup drives.  To conserve time and space, take the drive out of the computer and go!

Items you need, that identify who you are and are obscenely difficult to replace under normal circumstances:  Social Security Card, Driver’s License (Okay, that one should be on you), your birth certificate and those of your children, marriage license, and passport.  Jewelry, some may have emotional attachments, and there is a value there.    Photo Albums if things are not digitized.  Cash, money, grab it all.

If you have the space, maybe some of the items that enhance your life.  For example, golf clubs that were custom made or a set that works for you.  Ski boots, a pain to fit, running shoes, again fit.  Guitars or other instruments.  Think of items that are portable that you cannot or would have difficulty replacing.

Keep in mind prior to the emergency, particularly with fires, the firemen cannot save everything and need to make difficult decisions.  So, if a home has an unyielding growth of trees, bushes, etc, and the home next to it is cleared of trees and bushes, they will work to save the home cleared of fuel for a fire.  The reality is, they cannot save everything.  Thus a 30 foot safety barrier of clear property gives your home a better chance for survival, if possible.

This is a great link to an evacuation list that has even more.


Our hopes and prayers are with those that are in danger or have suffered any losses.

Be safe, take care from Colorado Insurance Professionals, Inc.