Can I change insurance companies 3 times and save $1,200 instead of $400.00?

The short answer is no. 

A few years ago, in car insurance marketing, we began to see advertising that really worked….for a while. 

For example, “Call us today and save up to $400.00 on your car insurance!” It worked and we saw numerous companies jump on board: Geico, 21st Century, Progressive, Allstate, and more.  This take on marketing in the insurance industry came onto the scene strongly in 2012 and is still heavily used today.  Over the last 20 years the industry has turned car insurance into a commodity market.  Service means very little with no perceived value difference, but is it truly a commodity?

Geico saved people money by not having agents in the beginning.  They spend more on advertising to feed the machine than other companies spend on agent’s commission! They spend over $1 Billion on marketing annually. They cannot grow anymore due to the people leaving out the back door.  They have begun to open neighborhood offices and have “agents” who can only sell one product.
Why do people stay with agents? 

We think it’s because having an agent is valuable. An Agent provide service in selecting coverage, service in handling problems, and service in helping work your way through a claim.  With a dedicated person on staff to help with claims, our clients stay with us year after year.  The industry has the numbers to prove a simple fact:  when an agent assists their clients with a claim, they stay loyal at a much higher rate.  Does your agent follow-up and help you with the claim, or do they just turn it over to the insurance company?

Demand what you are paying for to your insurance company: service!  Whether you are paying for an agent or for national advertising campaigns, pick someone interested in helping you because they have a stake in the transaction:  use your neighbor, a local independent agent.

source: GEICO advertising spend

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