Food Truck Insurance

The Food Truck Business requires specialized Insurance.

At Colorado Insurance Professionals, our agents understand that the Food Truck Business is a unique market with specialized needs. We can get you the best rates by using carriers that favor Food Trucks. There are many options that vary in cost, so you need to feel confident that your equipment is insured correctly, on the best coverage you can afford.

When shopping insurance for your business, it’s extremely important to take the following into account:

General Liability Insurance is required by most venues in the amounts $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,0000 annual aggregate. The venue will often want to be an “additional insured” on your policy. This has an extra cost since your carrier must defend the venue if your operations cause both of you to be sued.

General Liability for Food Truck operator’s is rated as a “Concessionaire” and is based on gross revenue estimates for the policy term.

Food Trucks are often large, heavy vehicles, such as modified StepVans, and their weight makes the cost of Auto Liability Insurance higher than you might expect. Your “rolling kitchen” also has a much higher than average investment in permanently mounted equipment. If you have a “wrap” or elaborate paint scheme on the truck, we can make sure that it is accounted for and insured correctly on your auto’s physical damage coverage.

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