Monthly Archives: February 2014

Contractors Liability: Now is the time to pay attention

Spring is in the air and soon the sound of saws, compressors, and generators will be too.  We notice that many contractors are motivated to keep their cost under control, but once the building and construction season hits, they are too busy to pay attention to their own contractors liability insurance.  This is often a detail of their business and only rises to the level of importance when there is a claim.  That’s the time we find they wish they might have paid more attention to their coverage!  This is the time of year for a construction contractor to review your liability insurance program and if you don’t like what you see, talk to a different insurance agent and get something that suits your operations better.  Unless you’re working on tract homes or condos, there are inexpensive options available, even if you are currently uninsured.   (If you are working on tract homes and condos, we have ideas there too!)

 You will find that we can easily and quickly take the time to help you understand in plain language the options you have.  Then later, when there is a claim, you will know that you had a chance to at least review what your coverage meant and that you selected the insurance coverage options that were right for your business insurance.   We have been at this for over 30 years so we understand your terms and needs.  We can quickly work with you to get you back on the job…..and keep you there with great, responsive service.

 We will work hard to keep your rate low, so that you can rest easy.

 Happy bidding!