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Have a Happy Holiday Season

It is the holiday season.  It is time to pause and say thank you to all our customers.  We also want to say how proud we are of our community in Aurora.

We believe in giving back to the community in a variety of ways.  We belong to several service organizations in Aurora and offer our time and other items as needed.  We believe strongly that a makeup of a community is as strong as the time and effort people put back into their community.

Given our troubled year this 2012, we even believe stronger in the concept of giving back to the community.  We all have to work together to help our youth, to help people less fortunate than us.  At Colorado Insurance Professionals, we belong to organizations that do just that.  They give gifts to kids for Christmas, who will probably get none, without the donation.  We give to shelter organizations that help people who are in need of a roof over their heads if there is a major crisis.

We believe all this activity gives back to the community.  We are also hopeful for a more peaceful 2013.

We want to take this moment to wish you all a Happy Holiday.  We hope you enjoy your family and friends and have a great holiday season.

From the folks at Colorado Insurance Professionals, Inc.

Holiday parties are here: What’s your plan if employees drink too much?

For those of you who get busy around the holiday, here is a reminder of your risk and responsibility as you think about company celebrations.

Bad News: If you serve alcohol at your parties to a guest, you can be held accountable for accidents they cause when they leave! This is referred to as Host Liquor Liability. This could be an employee, a contractor or a guest of anyone who attends your celebration.

Good News: You probably have insurance coverage for this if you already buy General Liability Insurance for your business, it is included in the form if not excluded by endorsement, or you are actually in the business of selling or serving alcohol. (check with your agent to be sure, we do not interpret policy coverage for those who are not our clients).

You can also reduce the possibility of loss by paying attention to several common sense practices.

1. Offer ride’s home to anyone who drinks and chooses a ride. You can have staff available for this, or give taxi vouchers. Make this absolutely clear that it is “no fault”: No adverse action will occur if people use this service.

2. Have someone designated to observe the party and help other decide when they have had enough. Make sure anyone who is together as a group has a designated driver. A good choice for this would-be someone who has attended TIPS training for serving alcohol. You will be surprised at the number of people who have this training as a result of volunteer work in the past. Empower them to “cut off” someone who is visibly intoxicated.

3. Make sure you no one you serve is underage, this can create a clear liability.

4. Serve EANABS (equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages).

So enjoy your next gathering at the office, make sure everyone enjoys the show. Although insurance coverage may be available, the last thing, you want to think about is someone you don’t know being injured as a result of your party!


Dealing with aging parents is always tough, now State Auto Insurance can handle one of the details!

Your parents may have worked hard to build a nest egg. As they age you may be in a position to help them protect it as they rely upon you more and more. State Auto has a new coverage that helps with Assisted Living situations. If one of your family members is living in an Assisted Living environment, you can now provide coverage both for their possessions and potential Personal Liability.

In the past, you might have had to purchase a full renter’s insurance policy for them. Now you have a clear path to appropriate coverage that State Auto is offering by adding it to your own homeowner’s insurance policy. So their personal items are now covered easily. Plus you assure them of having the additional coverage of personal liability. So if your grandfather plays golf and hits a windshield causing an accident, his bank account is protected.

The coverage can be added to your homeowner policy, and it provides personal property, additional living expense, and personal liability coverage for a non-resident relative who is residing in an assisted care facility. One less item for you to handle in a difficult time, and it renews next year with no effort on your part! Once and done.